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Friday, February 25, 2011

Restaurants changing with time?

We all know as time goes on so do the places we dine at dont we? Well back in the day im sure we all know that they had diners. Where food was 10 cents a meal and 5 cents for a drink! The workeres waited on you and served your every need. The feel of these diners were so real compared to the places now.
Below is a picture of a commomn diner you would see back in the day.

Now a days however we are filled with many varieties of restaurants. We have fast food, sit down, and fancy places as well. But we are constantly bombarded by ads for these restaurants. Along with the changing of looks is the changing of the food. The food is getting worse and worse for us and our bodies. Im not complaining because these foods are delicious but just pointing out the fact.
Below is a picture of all the common fast food sign we see on a daily bases.

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