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Friday, April 8, 2011

Snack time foods!

We all know of those times where we dont want to eat a big meal but we still have that hunger. So we usually eat things we call snacks. A snack is just a small meal. Something that is filling but will not ruin your dinner or lunch. Some fo the best snack food we know of are chips. Now chips come in many shapes sizeds and brands. Some of the best would be doritos. So many flavors for every taste bud. These are also very filling but it is hard to just eat a couple. Whenever you get hungry next time grab a bag of delicious doritos. Comment below and tell me your favorite chip!!

What type of food??

There are millions types of food and different ways to prepare these certain foods. But of course we all have our own favorite spots to go get these foods. In Colorado there are many places where we can consume hot wings. One place specifically is Jims wings. This place is a local wing shack that is based around CSU. They have ranges upon ranges of delicious hot wings. They have a range from hottest of the hot to just mild or even for some a zesty wing. If your in Colorado again.....Visit Jims wings.

Mans best friend.....

A dog is a mans best friend. We have all heard that at some time in our lifes. But that was back then now things are changing. It is no longer a dog or a pet at all. It has become food. Fodd is mans best friend. There is not a man on this earth that does not crave and love food. Fodd is always on a mans mind no matter what. Food food food food! So now next time you hear a dog is a mans best friend..... argue that is is food.