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Friday, May 20, 2011

new littleton location is clean and spacious, staff is upbeat and vibrant. detail to customer is amazing, the pasole rocks.homemade chips and salsa are a treat. think you can handle a monster 7lb burrito go in and try, you wil be back guaranteed. the family is there and always open for commets and suggestions to better the dinning experience for their patrons both new and old. The one thing that i want to do is go to this food place and get the 7 pound burrito. This burrito has been compared to a baby and is the same size. My goal is to eat it will a couple friends this sumer.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Putting it all together!!!!

Now it is time to put all of the sandwich together. You have made the bagel the egg the ham the cheese and you have made them perfectly. Now to pu them together. Use the bottom of the bagel to put the nice warm egg on it first. Then comes the ham. After the egg and the ham are on add the melted cheese to the top. After that top it off with the top of the bagel. When done with that it is often very tasty if you make some bacon and put it on top of the bagel or just eat it on the side. Now you have made the ultimate egg sandwich! give it a try!!!!

The bagel!!!!!

Now depending on who you are, you can use different bagels and bagel types. Me personally i like to use the regular just plain ol white bagels for my sandwich. Split the bagel and put it in the toaster on medium heat level. When the bagel pops you grab the bagel and put it on the hot pan that you cooked the egg on. Put a chunk of the butter stick on the pan and let it melt. Once it melts rub each slice of the bagel in this butter. Then once both sides of each slice have been covered, leave the bagels on the pan for a minute to get a grilled feel and texture.

The ham and cheese of the sandwhich

Now to give this sandwhich a lot of flavour you need to add some meat and cheese. For me i like to use ham. So to start out take 4 slices of thin sliced sandwich ham. Lay each one individually on the pan and let it cook. It does not take long for the ham to get cooked. When the edges of the ham start to turn up stack the ham slices on top of each other. Then while the stack is on the pan put two slices of american cheese on top of the hap to melt. After it melts it is time for the bagel. Read the next post if you want to see the bagel making process.

How to perfect the egg on the egg sandwich.

During this i am going to teach you how to perfect the making of the over easy egg for your egg sandwich. First you want to grease up the pan with butter. Then crack the egg on the pan and let it cook for about a minute. After a minute use your spatula to poke the yoke so it spills out. This makes is so when you bite into the egg it will not drip yoke. Then flip the egg and it is ready to go in minutes. My next post will teach you how to make the ham and cheese.

Egg sandwich

One of the greatest food recipes i have ever made up is the one for my very own egg sandwich. Now it is very simple to make but it is extremely tasty. All you have to do is you make an over easy egg on the pan. While the egg is cooking put the bagel of your choice in the toaster on medium. The thigs you will need is a stick of butter, an egg, ham, and your bagel and sliced cheese. Now you can cutomize this by changing the meet or the cheese. Check my next blog to see steps how to make each part.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Snack time foods!

We all know of those times where we dont want to eat a big meal but we still have that hunger. So we usually eat things we call snacks. A snack is just a small meal. Something that is filling but will not ruin your dinner or lunch. Some fo the best snack food we know of are chips. Now chips come in many shapes sizeds and brands. Some of the best would be doritos. So many flavors for every taste bud. These are also very filling but it is hard to just eat a couple. Whenever you get hungry next time grab a bag of delicious doritos. Comment below and tell me your favorite chip!!

What type of food??

There are millions types of food and different ways to prepare these certain foods. But of course we all have our own favorite spots to go get these foods. In Colorado there are many places where we can consume hot wings. One place specifically is Jims wings. This place is a local wing shack that is based around CSU. They have ranges upon ranges of delicious hot wings. They have a range from hottest of the hot to just mild or even for some a zesty wing. If your in Colorado again.....Visit Jims wings.

Mans best friend.....

A dog is a mans best friend. We have all heard that at some time in our lifes. But that was back then now things are changing. It is no longer a dog or a pet at all. It has become food. Fodd is mans best friend. There is not a man on this earth that does not crave and love food. Fodd is always on a mans mind no matter what. Food food food food! So now next time you hear a dog is a mans best friend..... argue that is is food.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Restraunts in Fort Collins

The Food inn fort collins colorado varies greatly. There is plenty of fast food restraunts and a number of sit down places. The best one of all is located by CSU campus. Jims wings!!!! Jims wings is the greatest place to eat in all of Fort Collins. The wings there are amazing for the price. Overall Jims wings is the best place to eat.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Restaurants changing with time?

We all know as time goes on so do the places we dine at dont we? Well back in the day im sure we all know that they had diners. Where food was 10 cents a meal and 5 cents for a drink! The workeres waited on you and served your every need. The feel of these diners were so real compared to the places now.
Below is a picture of a commomn diner you would see back in the day.

Now a days however we are filled with many varieties of restaurants. We have fast food, sit down, and fancy places as well. But we are constantly bombarded by ads for these restaurants. Along with the changing of looks is the changing of the food. The food is getting worse and worse for us and our bodies. Im not complaining because these foods are delicious but just pointing out the fact.
Below is a picture of all the common fast food sign we see on a daily bases.

Please follow me or comment telling me about food and anything to do with food!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Food as a child

As a child we all remember that favorite food that we all craved. Whether it was corn dogs, mac n cheese, or even pizza, its what we all wanted. Every meal of everyday we wanted that food. No matter what the time was or what the day was it sounded amazing. We find ourselves still having this same love for this food even as we grow older. Food is craved and seen differnt to every person in the world.